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6. Keyboard

All interactive elements (links, buttons, accordions, etc.) are operable from the keyboard.

In addition to seeing that everything is in focus in Visible Focus and Logical Order, all actionable elements must be controllable without a keyboard. From simple links to complex drag-and-drop interactions, there must be a way for a keyboard user to fully interact with the page or application.

Sometimes in the case of very complex interactives, there might be non-standard keyboard commands to activate all the elements. These are OK as long as they are documented.

Scoring Guide

  • Pass: All elements can be activated with standard keyboard commands, and if anything requires different keys, they are well documented.
  • Partial Fail: All controls have keyboard support, but some complex interactives are not well documented.
  • Fail: Any control does not have keyboard support.
  • Not Applicable / Unknown: These should not be used.

More Information

More information about keyboard accessibility is available here:

Relevant WCAG Information

Last modified November 6, 2023