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13. Animation

Any moving, flashing, or blinking content, such as carousels, notifications, or auto-play videos lasting for more than five seconds, have a mechanism to pause, stop, or hide that animation or movement.

Some web pages have items in motion as soon as a visitor arrives on the page. This can be auto-playing videos in the background, carousels that constantly rotate, or other items that flash or move on the website without user interaction. This accessibility requirement says that anything that lasts more than 5 seconds must be able to be either stopped or hidden so that users are not distracted. 

Scoring Guide

  • Pass: Any animation that lasts more than 5 seconds can easily be paused, stopped, or hidden. 
  • Partial Fail: Animations can be paused or hidden, but not easily. 
  • Fail: Auto-playing animations or videos cannot be stopped or hidden. 
  • Not Applicable: There is no animated content on the site that automatically plays. 
  • Unknown:  No animations were found during testing, but it is possible there might be some outside the scope of the testing. 

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Last modified October 29, 2023