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Instructor Accessibility Guide

Check courses hosted in Canvas for common accessibility errors

The Instructor Accessibility Guide tests Canvas pages for common accessibility errors. The guide provides step-by-step instructions for how to remediate each Canvas page so that it is accessible to a wide audience of students.


The Instructor Accessibility Guide identifies common accessibility errors that can pose barriers for students with disabilities. These errors focus on the design of the Canvas Page and check for features like headings levels, alternative text for images, or the appropriate level of color contrast of text. The Instructor Accessibility Guide also includes alerts, which are suggested strategies for checking the accessibility of external content, such as if YouTube videos have accurate captions.

Designed for

  • Faculty
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Staff
  • Instructional Designers


Free of charge to Stanford employees.

Get started

The Instructor Accessibility Guide can be selected from the bottom menu when editing a Canvas Page. The guide appears on the right side of the screen and displays a list of elements that are checked on the page. These include images, links, text, color contrast, headings, tables, lists, documents, and videos.

Sign up for Instructional Accessibility Modules, which provide an overview of how to use the Instructor Accessibility Guide and other accessibility strategies. 

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Last modified September 14, 2022