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3. Browser Zoom

When the web page is zoomed to 200%, all content and interactive elements are still visible and functional.

Users that are "low vision" will often zoom into a webpage using the built in browser tools. To test this, using a browser window about the size of a standard laptop screen and press CTRL and + (for mac, CMD+) until the browser says it's at 200% zoom. Look around the page and make sure that all the content that is available at 100% is also available at 200%, no content overlaps, and if any new tools are present (like a hamburger menu for mobile users), they work for accessibility (see keyboard below).

Browser toolbar showing that the site has been zoomed into 200%
In Firefox, the browser zoom level is indicated next to the URL. Other browsers will display the information in a similar way. 

Scoring Guide

  • Pass: All functionality is usable when zoomed into 200%, and the text increases in size.
  • Partial Fail: A few items overlap, but the content is still mostly readable and functional. 
  • Fail: The text does not increase in size, or text or other content overlaps, is cut off or otherwise is obscured. If, in the automated tools section, there is an issue related to a META tag that may prevent resizing, then this is a fail even if the browser successfully resizes the text.
  • Not Applicable / Unknown: These should not be used.

More Information

More information about testing for browser zoom is available here:

Relevant WCAG Information

Last modified November 1, 2023