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Browser Plugins

Use these tools to quickly identify accessibility issue on individual webpages

For content authors

Sa11y is a free tool developed at Toronto Metropolitan University. The tool visually marks potential errors on the webpage and provides suggestions to fix those issues.

Sa11y can be used in any modern web browser. Install the bookmarklet. Once installed, click the Sa11y icon to run an evaluation of a webpage.

Sa11y can identify issues including:

  • Incorrect headings
  • Missing image descriptions
  • Incorrect or ineffective hyperlink text
  • Data tables lacking table headers
  • Insufficient contrast

For web designers & developers

Accessibility Insights for Web is a free Chrome browser extension for conducting single-page accessibility reviews. The Accessibility Insights for Web tool offers multiple testing solutions for reviewing a single web page: 

  1. The FastPass test option will perform an automated accessibility evaluation and check for conformance using 50 different accessibility criteria. Additionally, the FastPass test option allows developers to conduct a Tab Stop analysis that identifies missing tab stops, keyboard traps, or incorrect tab order.
  2. The Assessment test option provides step-by-step instructions for conducting various manual accessibility tests. This guided process for manual testing can help website developers identify and resolve accessibility barriers that automated testing can miss.
  3. The Ad Hoc tools provides several visualization tools to perform quick accessibility tests in conjunction with a manual assessment of the outcome.

Watch a video overview of Accessibility Insights for Web:

Manual Testing

Use this manual testing list to uncover accessibility barriers automated testing tools may miss.

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Accessibility Concepts

Our Get Started guide will help you quickly improve content clarity and accessibility.

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