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Page Title

Every page needs a unique and informative page title. This helps users with disabilities navigate the various tabs they may have open. For example, if they are researching different universities, they may have the "Admissions" page opened on several different tabs for different places. If the page title was always just "admissions" then it would be difficult for the user to know which was which. Instead, have more information such as "Admissions | Stanford University" as the page title. 

Stanford University page title from the homepage

So your page title needs to be:

  • Informative: the page title needs to accurately inform people what is on the page. 
  • Unique: Each page on your site should have a unique page title. 
  • Concise: You should strive to make your title as short as possible while still conveying the purpose of the page. 
  • Lead with Unique: What makes this page unique on your site should be the first bit of information read.
Bad Title Reasoning Good Title
Stanford University "Stanford University" is ok on only 1 page, the homepage. All other pages need something more descriptive. About Us | Stanford University
About Us Just "about us" is not enough information. It could be about anyone. About Us | Stanford University
Stanford University | About Us The unique information needs to be at the start of the title, not the end of the title. About Us | Stanford University
Last modified November 1, 2023