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Accessibility Reviews

Review process

Accessibility reviews conducted by the Office of Digital Accessibility are available for a range of digital products and services, including electronic documents, internal and external websites, digital platforms under consideration for purchase, and web- and mobile-based applications. Digital Accessibility Consulting Engineers will review the product using a combination of automated accessibility tools, manual testing techniques, and selected assistive technology applications to evaluate the technical and functional accessibility impact.

It takes approximately two weeks to complete an assessment after the request is assigned to a member of our team. You will receive an email confirmation once your request has been assigned. For questions regarding the review timeline, please contact our office.

Please note - the Accessibility Review Process is NOT the same as User Acceptance Testing. 

Before submitting an intake form, please be prepared to submit information about the product or service under consideration, such as:

  • Intended purpose or how the product or service will be used
  • Intended audience and distribution (e.g., all students)
  • Any relevant accessibility documentation (e.g., VPAT or Accessibility Conformance Report)
Review process infographic
  1. Client gathers information
  2. Client submits online form
  3. Project assigned to accessibility team member
  4. Accessibility assessment
  5. Assessment report shared with client

Once your request is assigned to a team member in our office, they will contact you to discuss the project, request additional information (if any is needed), and identify a timeline for completion of the review.

Once completed, an executive summary will be provided along with a spreadsheet report identifying existing issues and steps for remediation. The report will identify the accessibility barriers as well as recommendations that should be implemented by the project team and/or the third party or vendor to address the issues. The Office of Digital Accessibility staff is available to review the report as well as answer any accessibility questions to help you in this process.