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Accessibility Concepts

Learn more about accessibility best practices

Following these basic concepts will help you improve content clarity and accessibility.

Describe Images Using Text

Use alternative text to describe image content.

Learn more about images

Using Color

Select foreground colors that have strong contrast against the background. Use both color and style to convey meaning.

Learn more about color

Add Structure with Headings and Lists

Structure content with headings and lists. Add a table of contents for longer documents.

Learn more about structure

Provide Accessible Alternatives for Audio/Video

Include all spoken information as well as relevant parts of the soundtrack.

Learn more about audio/video

Write Meaningful Links

Use descriptive text for hyperlinks to help website visitors scan for relevant information, identify outside resources, and choose which links are the most relevant for their needs.

Learn more about hyperlinks

Accessible Typography

Select and format your typography for more accessible webpages and documents. 

Learn more about accessible typography

Accessible Data Tables

Create accessible data tables to ensure data is understood by all. 

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How-to Guides

Use our step-by-step directions for creating accessible digital content with popular software applications.

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Accessibility Reviews

See how we can help you review and understand a product’s level of conformance with established accessibility standards. 

Learn more about accessibility reviews