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Technology Toolkit for Telecommuting and Remote Work

Technology resources, services, and equipment to enable the success of Stanford’s distributed workforce — no matter where your “office” may be.

Collaboration Tools

Location doesn’t matter when you’ve got reliable online tools to help you connect and collaborate with colleagues. Stanford’s recommended collaboration tools are Slack for instant messaging, Google Team Drive for file sharing, Zoom for video conferencing, and Jabber softphone.

Learn more about the collaboration tools

Check out collaboration tools for High Risk Data

Workspace Accessories and Equipment

You may need to modify or add to your existing office equipment to accommodate the unique circumstances of your remote work environment. View our equipment recommendations to learn about the options available to you.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

While most services can be directly accessed from anywhere, some are restricted to the Stanford network and require using Stanford VPN when telecommuting. VPN is a remote access technology that allows you to securely connect to Stanford’s network as if you were on campus. This makes access to restricted services possible, and provides encryption between your computer and the Stanford network.

Learn more and get connected to Stanford's VPN

Online Training

Technology Training offers an array of online webinars and resources that include topics related to remote working and telecommuting. On-campus colleagues may wish to explore our on-campus training resources to learn tips and tools for working effectively with remote team members.

Distributed and Remote Workers Online Community

Join a supportive community of distributed and remote Stanford staffers, representing many states and time zones. This Community of Practice (CoP) has an active Slack channel and monthly Zoom meetings where members share resources, tips, and best practices for working remotely and collaborating with distributed teams.

Check out the Distributed and Remote Workers CoP

International Travel

Some staff members may telecommute internationally for Stanford business purposes. If that’s you, take a look at some resources and tips for international travel, including our Travel Loaner program, and more.

Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking for tips and tricks for various aspects of remote working, check out some of our resources below. Have a specific question or topic you’d like to see addressed here? Email the UIT Communications team to share your ideas.

Get Help

If you need IT support for an issue related to telecommuting or remote work, submit a Help ticket and we’ll get you connected with someone who can help.