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Work Anywhere

Technology resources, services, and equipment to enable the success of Stanford’s distributed workforce — no matter where your “office” may be.

COVID Notice

Stanford is continually monitoring the status of COVID. Read the latest Stanford information:

Set up your home office

You may need to modify or add to your existing equipment or home office setup to accommodate the unique circumstances of your remote work environment. Check out these recommendations and guidelines.

Equipment recommendations

Get specific equipment recommendations for laptops, monitors, keyboards and mice, headsets, and webcams to assist you during the Shelter-in-Place order.

See equipment recommendations


No matter where you’re working, it is imperative to set up your workstation to allow for neutral postures. Visit the Environmental Health & Safety website for telecommuting and mobile ergonomics guidelines and resources.

See ergonomics guidelines

Moving office equipment

If you need to temporarily move your office equipment during the Shelter-in-Place order, follow these guidelines.

See equipment movement guidelines

Network connectivity

When you work from home, you may have less bandwidth available to you than you had at the office. If your internet speed is slow or you have issues connecting to Stanford applications or virtual meetings, try these troubleshooting tips to speed up your work.

Get quick fix recommendations

Access your work

Many key applications and document repositories are completely network-accessible from your Stanford-issued laptop or tablet or from your personal laptop or tablet.

Widely-used applications

Quickly access some of the most commonly used cloud-based applications for your Stanford work:

Using VPN

VPN is a remote access technology that allows you to securely connect to Stanford’s network as if you were on campus. This makes access to restricted services possible, and provides encryption between your computer and the Stanford network.

Many commonly used Stanford applications and services can be directly accessed from anywhere and do not require the use of VPN. To access secure services that require VPN, visit Stanford's VPN service page for instructions.

Learn more and get connected to Stanford's VPN

Keep your data secure

Security requirements

If you work remotely on your home computer (rather than on your Stanford-issued laptop or tablet), you must be aware of the security requirements for your device based on the risk classifications for the data and applications you use.

See minimum security standards

Cardinal Key

Use Cardinal Keys to provide stronger protection for your account and simplify your login experience. Cardinal Keys reduce or eliminate the need to use your SUNet ID and password for web-based logins and eliminate the need to use your username, password, and two-step authentication for VPN connections.

Learn about Cardinal Key

Get help


Check out our FAQ for more information or search the IT Services Knowledge Base to find helpful articles on a range of topics pertaining to remote work and telecommuting.


UIT Service Desk

Need immediate help? Call the University IT Service Desk at 650.725.4357 (option 5).

If you need IT support for an issue related to telecommuting or remote work, submit a Help request and we’ll get you connected with someone who can help.

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