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Manage a Mobile Device Using MyDevices

It can take up to 8 hours for a device to appear in MyDevices after it is successfully enrolled in MDM (Mobile Device Management). If you need assistance, please submit a Help ticket or call (650) 725-HELP (5-4357).

If your device is enrolled in the MDM (Mobile Device Management) program, you can manage it remotely with the MyDevices app.

The Device Details page for mobile devices has an Actions button that provides functions for managing your device. The actions available are:

  • Update Enrollment
  • Lock Device
  • Remove Device
  • Wipe Device Data

In addition to Actions button, there is a Lost Device? button. This function combines the Lock Device and Wipe Device Data functions in a single dialog box.


Your device must be enrolled in the MDM program to use the following actions to manage your mobile device.

Update enrollment

This action lets you update your mobile device enrollment information. See Device Enrollment:  Enroll a Mobile Device or more information.

Lock device

Use this action to immediately lock your mobile device if you've misplaced it. If someone else gets possession of your device, the passcode (iOS) or password (Android)  prevents access to it. See Lock Your Mobile Device Using MyDevices for more information.

Remove device

This action removes your configuration profiles and your Stanford email, calendar, and contacts information. Also known as "partial wipe," it leaves your other email accounts intact, as well as your personal calendar and data. This action unenrolls your device from MDM and removes your device from MyDevices. See Remove a Mobile Device from MDM Using MyDevices for more information.

Wipe device data

This action completely wipes your mobile device of all data and apps and returns it to factory settings. See How to Wipe Mobile Device Data Using MyDevices for more information.

Lost device

This button provides the actions you may want to take if your device is lost or stolen. See  Manage a Lost Device with MyDevices for more information. 

Last modified January 13, 2023