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MyDevices for Administrators


MyDevices administrators have a search field in the upper-right of the screen where they can search for devices by SUNet ID, Device, or Feed.

MyDevices search field for administrators

To perform a search, select the search type, enter a search term, and then click the magnifying glass.

For help, select the search type and then click the question mark icon.

help button

Search Type Description
SUNet ID Enter a valid SUNet ID and see the devices owned by that user.

Search for a device using:

  • Device Registry ID
  • Device Display Name
  • Device MAC Address
  • Phone Number
Feed Enter a feed type/feed ID to see what data has been sent to the Device Registry by the feed system. Feed types are:
  • BigFix
  • IED
  • MDM
  • NetDB
  • RedCap
  • VLRE

Example: bigfix/1583862
This shows the JSON data that has been sent by the BigFix feed to the Device Registry.

Hamburger menu

The hamburger menu, to the right of the search field,  provides the following functions:

  • Go to MyDevices returns you to your Registered Devices screen.
  • Help displays the Device Details webpage.
  • Sign Out kills your cookies and logs you out of MyDevices.

hamburger menu

View NetDB node record

In the Miscellaneous Information section on the Device Details page, the NetDB ID entry has a View in NetBD link. The link takes you to the NetDB node record itself, or to the NetDB login page it you're not logged in.

View in NetDB link in Miscellaneou Information section

Last modified April 25, 2017