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Phishing Awareness Program

Learn to recognize malicious emails

The phishing awareness program periodically sends an email to each participant that resembles a phishing message. It’s designed to create a safe, educational environment for a recipient to practice phishing email identification with no penalty to them if a link is clicked. Individual results will never be reported.

Our objectives within this program are to:

  • Train participants to recognize, report, and avoid phishing attacks, which helps protect them and their department from cyber threats.
  • Help the Information Security Office (ISO) collect better metrics and information about the ever-changing landscape of email-based attacks in order to better protect the Stanford community from these threats.

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What to expect

Below are the types of emails you can expect us to send or not to send through the phishing awareness program.

Email themes Phishing awareness program​
Holiday and calendar events (Halloween, tax day, etc.) Supported
Usage of the Stanford name and references Supported
Delivery services  Supported
Public safety and pandemic awareness Not Supported
Environmental disasters Not Supported
Actual Stanford organizations, departments, and people Not Supported

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