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Remove Your Mobile Device from MDM Using MyDevices

If you are attempting to troubleshoot a device compliance problem, please contact your local IT support or submit a Help ticket for assistance before removal.

This action removes Stanford MDM profiles from your device and may cause it to lose access to the Stanford network. This action cannot be undone.

The Remove Device function unenrolls your device from MDM (Mobile Device Management) and removes your device from MyDevices. Also known as a "partial wipe,"  it removes your Stanford configuration profiles and your Stanford email, calendar, and contacts information. However, it leaves your other email accounts intact, as well as your personal calendar and data.

Use Remove Device if:

  • You lose your device and you're not sure if you can retrieve it.
  • You are upgrading to a new device.
  • You leave Stanford and you need to remove this account from your device.
  • You never had this device.
  • You used this device in the past but it is no longer in your possession.
  • It's your personal device, and you don't use it for Stanford business.

Note that  you will lose access to Actions functions after you unenroll from the program.

Remove Device also leaves your passcode (iOS) or password (Android)  intact. After you remove your Stanford profile, you can also remove your passcode/password if you choose. Note that removing your passcode/password from the device requires you to enter your existing passcode.

To remove Stanford data from your device and unenroll the device in MDM:

  1. On the MyDevices home page, click the link in the Model column for the device you want to remove. Then click the Actions button and click Remove Device. Alternatively, you can click the Remove button for this device on the MyDevices home page.)
  2. A dialog box opens. Select the reason for removing the device and then click Submit.

    submit reason why device should be removed from your record
  3. A warning message displays, asking you to confirm that you want to remove this device from MyDevices. Click Continue to remove the device.
    confirm that you want to remove your device from MDM and MyDevices
Last modified April 25, 2017