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What's New in MyDevices

The MyDevices application was updated on Jan. 13, 2023. Below are some of the enhancements you will notice in the new interface.

Improved Performance

While performing actions, you will notice a significant improvement in the overall responsiveness of the refreshed application. 

New intuitive interface

Upon launching the application, you will find a redesigned homepage, similar to the one shown below. Preview and access your device details from the Devices section of the Homepage.

From the top Help menu in the upper right, you can quickly navigate to instructions or submit a Help request.

New filtering options 

The new filtering gives you the option to filter your search by type, compliance, encryption, cardinal key status, operating system, Stanford owned, and disavowed devices.

Redesigned view for device details

After you select your device from the Devices list, you will be able to see the device status at a glance. You can easily navigate to the different types of device information. The new Status section provides additional information on device status. 

Consolidated Actions button

When reviewing a selected device, you can use the Actions button to easily choose from available device management options (i.e., recover encryption key, remove device, request compliance exception). 

Enhanced search for Administrators

At the top of the page, Admins will have the option to use the search functionality to locate devices quickly. Admins can search by Name, SUNet ID, Device ID, RegID, IMEI, Serial, Mac Address, or Feed ID.


Last modified October 18, 2023