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Service Management Toolkit

Our goal is to document and define service management as a practice for all of University IT, and provide resources aimed to support service managers, owners, and delivery teams in designing, developing, improving, and retiring services.

Service Management Fundamentals

Learn what an IT service is and learn about the different roles required to manage a service.

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Design a Service

In the Design phase, you can partner with the Service Design team to apply design thinking and human-centered design practices to create a service that meets your client’s needs in the most user friendly way.

The work in the Design phase includes:

  • Using research to understand client experience
  • Ideation of design solutions
  • Prototyping and testing new service concepts

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Develop a Service

In the Develop phase, you might partner with a UIT technology team to develop a service or technology that they build and support internally. Or you might partner with a vendor and a UIT team to deliver the vendor service to the Stanford community, a practice that is becoming more common.

The work in the Develop phase includes:

  • Service costing and rate development
  • Establishing ordering and billing processes
  • Onboarding and maintaining your service in ServiceNow
  • Establishing incident, change, problem, and knowledge processes
  • Establishing service KPIs and metrics
  • Using reports to help manage your service
  • Vendor management

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Pilot a Service

During the Pilot phase you launch a limited release of your service for a clearly defined purpose and duration. The purpose of a pilot is to assess the usefulness of the service and to identify opportunities for improvement.

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Launch a Service

In the Launch phase, you move your service into production and announce the availability of the service to your users. By this time you should have already communicated to your users when the service would be available and provided any training that users need to use the service.

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Improve a Service

In the Improve phase, you evaluate how your service is being used and identify any improvements you need to make. At least once a year you will review your service and how it is being used. The goal of this review is to find ways to improve the service to better meet the needs of your users.

After you identify improvements to make, you will go through the design, development, pilot, and launch phases again to update the service.

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Retire a Service

In the Retire phase, you retire (sunset) a service if it no longer provides value to clients or if newer technology replaces older systems.

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