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Developing an Item (Bill) Code for Your Service

What is an item (bill) code?

University IT (UIT) services are billed through the Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system and services are ordered through OrderIT/PMG. For more information on ordering and billing, please visit An item code is used in EAM to assess charges for a UIT service. The item code maps the service to a specific rate and routes the billing to the appropriate revenue plan in the billing system. Note that an item code is the same as a bill code, though "item code" is the preferred term because that is how it is designated in Oracle Financials.

Why do I need an item code?

If your service is billable and will be ordered through OrderIT, you need an item code. The UIT Billing and Revenue Operations team will assist you with creating an item code and your order form for billable services. 

How do I develop an item code?

Download and complete the New Item Code worksheet to the best of your ability. The Revenue Operations analyst assigned to help you can guide you on how to obtain any information you do not have.

I want to: Here’s how: When: Who is responsible?
Assign an item (bill) code to my service

Download the New Item Code Worksheet

Submit a request

After costing the service and developing a rate

Service manager and billing and Revenue Operations analyst
Update the rate for an existing bill code Submit a request Whenever the service rate changes Service manager and billing and Revenue Operations analyst

Learn more about developing an item (bill) code for your service:

Last modified January 10, 2022