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Developing a ServiceNow Request (Catalog) Form

What is Request Management?

Request Management is the process of managing all types of requests made by end users. ServiceNow organizes non-billable request types in the Service Catalog by their functional category, allowing clients to easily find services. Examples of Service Catalog categories include Computers and Mobile Devices, Email, Calendar and File Storage, and Business Systems and Applications, to name just a few.

At this time, only non-billable requests can be made through the ServiceNow catalog. Billable services are ordered through OrderIT. 

Why do I need Request Management?

Request Management allows your clients to:

  • Submit a request for a non-billable service
  • Ask a question about your service
  • Automate repeatable tasks specific to your service

How do I establish and support Request Management for my service?

Establish your service in the catalog during the service development phase. You will be asked to provide the service name, a  short description of the service, the request fulfillment group,  and any applicable search tags.

I want to: Here’s how: When: Who is responsible?
Get training

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ServiceNow Request Fulfillment Management Guide 

When establishing your service in the catalog Everyone
Establish Request Management for my non-billable service Submit a request  When you are ready to fulfill requests Service manager

Learn more about Request Management:

Last modified March 6, 2024