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Support and Maintain a Service

What does service support and maintenance entail?

Service support and maintenance is a collection of processes that are designed to ensure the operational efficiency of a service. These include incident and problem management, change management, release management, configuration management, and business continuity. Through well-planned support and maintenance processes, you will ensure that the effort in supporting your service is greatly reduced. This will reduce the cost to run your service and increase customer satisfaction.  

How do I support and maintain my service?

See the chart below to learn more about how to support and maintain your service.

I want to: Here’s how: When Who is responsible?
Ensure clients can get help and support staff can manage Incidents and Change requests for my service

Visit ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB

Submit the request as soon as you get permission for service development Service manager or project manager
Construct a ServiceNow Configuration Item

Visit Creating a Configuration Item in ServiceNow

Add a Configuration Item (CI) to the ServiceNow CMDB by submitting a request as you get permission for service development

Service manager or project manager
Ensure there is a process for returning my service to functionality after a disruption 

Visit Establishing Incident Management for Your Service 

When the service is added to the ServiceNow CMDB

Service manager or project manager
Ensure any change to my service is documented and managed, from start to finish

Visit Establishing Change Management for Your Service  

When you are assigned a change approver role Change approvers and anyone involved in the change process
Ensure useful information on my service is consistent and readily available

Visit Establishing Knowledge Management for Your Service 

When you start service development Service manager and operational staff who can provide input into service costs

Prevent my services from experiencing recurring incidents 

Visit Problem Management 

Should your service experience an issue, a problem record will be assigned to you

Service manager working with the Problem Management group

Prepare my service to minimize the effects of significant service-impacting events

Visit Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

When you are contacted by a member of the BC/DR team  Service manager 
Get quantifiable information about the health of my service

Visit Establishing Service Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

During the development phase and before launch Business and service owner and service manager
Last modified May 13, 2021