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Digital Accessibility

What is digital accessibility?

Accessibility for digital products and services involves the creation, use, or purchase of information technology products and services that support access for individuals with disabilities.

Electronic content that is accessible allows individuals with disabilities the opportunity to acquire the same information, engage in the same interactions, and enjoy the same services as a person without a disability in an equally effective and equally integrated manner. Implementing accessibility within a department or program can include efforts such as adopting best practices for content authoring, selecting accessible online services, testing and evaluating web pages for accessibility, and ensuring vendors provide compliant products and accurate documentation as to how their electronic products meet established standards.

Why/when do I need to consider accessibility for my service?

Addressing the accessibility of electronic content is an ongoing process and should be considered when developing or purchasing digital resources and when authoring content for websites or electronic documents. The types of electronic content to consider for accessibility includes, but are not limited to: websites; web- and mobile-based applications; audio and video media; infographics; and electronic documents.

How do I get help from digital accessibility?

I want to: Here’s how: When Who is responsible?
Evaluate if a vendor has an accessible product

Visit Accessibility Review to request an accessibility evaluation

Prior to publishing a new website or purchasing mobile apps or other digital platforms Website developers and designers, project managers responsible for digital resources
Understand practices to adopt for creating accessible documents

Visit our step-by-step guides to improve the accessibility of your electronic documents

When creating electronic documents Content authors and those creating electronic resources
Evaluate my website or application for accessibility issues

Visit Accessibility Testing resources to review automated testing tools and manual evaluation techniques

Before launching a new website or service or when reviewing the site for potential issues Website/app developers and designers
Ask any questions about accessibility, policies, process, or request assistance in reviewing accessibility issues

Visit Accessibility Office Hours

When you have questions about accessibility and electronic content and products, want to know more about how assistive technology operates for individuals with disabilities, or need additional support in creating a more accessible digital environment Available to all members of the Stanford community

Learn more about accessibility


Last modified May 26, 2021