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Establishing Knowledge Management for Your Service

What is Knowledge Management?

The Knowledge Management process ensures that all information used for the management of a service is stored in the Knowledge Management System and that it is consistent and readily available. ServiceNow is University IT's  Knowledge Management System.

Why do I need Knowledge Management?

There are two types of Knowledge articles that must be created prior to service launch:

  • Knowledge articles for  Service Desk support staff. These are internally facing documents that aid staff in the quick resolution of service incidents and restoration of service availability.
  • Knowledge articles written for end-users of the service to help them resolve their problem or answer common questions.

How do I establish and support Knowledge Management for my services?

Knowledge Management is established during the Service Design phase. Anyone with a ServiceNow ITIL Role license can create knowledge articles and submit them for approval. You should have articles in the Knowledge Base prior to your service go-live.

I want to: Here’s how: When Who is responsible?
Write well-formed knowledge articles

Review How to Write ServiceNow Knowledge Articles (Style Guide).

Take the STARS class ServiceNow Knowledge Management TrainingSNOW-3020-WEB; visit the ServiceNow Training page to Learn More and Enroll.

Start of service development Subject matter experts and support staff 
Approve and submit knowledge articles for publication

Review How to Approve a ServiceNow Knowledge Article.

Take the STARS class ServiceNow Knowledge Management Training — SNOW-3020-WEB; visit the ServiceNow Training page to Learn More and Enroll.

Start of service development, and throughout the service lifecycle. Knowledge assignment group manager

Learn more about Knowledge Management:

Last modified January 10, 2022