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Mobile and Web Application Design Consulting

Collaborate with an experienced designer to improve the usability and user experience of your application

Our Mobile and Web Application Design Consulting service offers campus units an opportunity to collaborate with an experienced designer on the usability, user experience and visual design of their mobile or web application. We partner with you to:

  • Evaluate and identify the issues your users may encounter while using your application, or online service
  • Test critical tasks on your site to ensure they are easy to accomplish
  • Perform user research to understand your application users'needs
  • Define the top goals for your mobile or web application design project
  • Design new menu structures or application flows
  • Develop application screen UI and more

What do we mean by a mobile or web application?

A mobile application designed for primary use on a mobile device. An example of a mobile application would be Stanford Mobile.

A web application is any application delivered via a web browser. That can include enterprise applications delivered in Salesforce or PeopleSoft as well as custom application functionality like a complex search interface on a website. For example, the Cardinal Service website.


To explore the usability, user experience and visual design of your application the design consulting team may complete activities including:

  • Design research (user testing, surveys, workshops)
  • Competitive analysis
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Task analysis
  • Product and user experience design 
  • User interface and visual design

The Design Consulting team delivers you:

  • User experience findings and approaches documentation, which include results of the design research and analyses 
  • Product and user experience design explorations and documentation
  • User interface and visual design mockups and specifications

Designed for

  • Groups that are building a new mobile or web application and would like guidance on how to improve any aspect of the user experience and/or design
  • Groups with an existing mobile or web application that would like advice on how it can be improved
  • Groups building a case for project funding for future improvements to their mobile or web application


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Last modified May 6, 2024