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Service Retirement

What is Service Retirement?

Service retirement, also known as a service “sunset”, is a normal stage of the service lifecycle. Simply defined, it means that you will no longer offer the service. How well you plan and execute your service retirement can have a huge impact on the reputation of the organization. Retiring a service can stir emotions, especially when you tell a client that the service they have used for the past 15 years will no longer be available and they will have to use a new service.

Why would I need to retire my service?

Despite the challenges associated with retiring a service, it is a necessary part of the service lifecycle. Services are typically retired for the following reasons:

  • The service provides diminishing value to clients.
  • There is little or no strategic value for UIT to continue to offer the service.
  • Significant cost and effort is required to upgrade the existing service in order to provide continued value.
  • Market-based services are available that provide more features and functionality and cost less to procure, provision, and support than the existing service (“buy rather than build”).

How do I retire my service?

A typical service retirement plan has the following stages:

  1. The business and service owner decide to no longer offer the service.
  2. Clients are notified well in advance of the actual retirement date.
  3. The service team transitions the remaining clients to a UIT replacement service or refers clients to a market-based service.
  4. The service is retired, billing is turned off, and the equipment is decommissioned.

These are the key success factors for developing and executing a service retirement:

  • Start early! Complex plans can take months to develop and execute, especially if you are retiring an existing service and replacing it with a new service or technology.
  • Involve all teams that support the service in creating the retirement (sunset) plan, including operations, engineering, finance (for plans to turn off billing), and data center (in order to decommission systems hosted in Forsythe and stop billing).
I want to: Here’s how: When: Who is responsible?
Plan a service retirement Download and complete the Service Sunset checklist. Start early, because successful retirements can take months to plan and execute.  Service team plus UIT Communications team and Business Partners
Develop a service retirement communication plan

Download and complete a copy of the Communication Plan template

Submit a request for assistance from the UIT Communications team.

Develop the plan as soon as you decide to retire the service. A great communication plan is a key success factor! Service manager and UIT Communications team