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How to Authenticate with a Duo Push Notification for Two-Step Authentication

If you authenticate with a smartphone or tablet, Duo  App - Push Notification is the recommended method because it is the easiest  and quickest way to authenticate.  A push notification is sent to your device and all you have to do is tap Approve to authenticate.

Note: Internet or cellular access is required to use this method.

The following devices support push notification to verify your identity:

  1. When you try to access a site that requires two-step authentication,  click or tap Send me a push notification.

    request a push notificaiton to the Duo Mobile app on your device
  2. Open the Duo Mobile app on your device.  You may see a message saying that you have a request waiting, displayed at the top of your screen. Tap the message.
    Note: Once a push notification is sent you have 60 seconds to approve the request.

    Duo mobile acknowledgement that it rececived a request and is waiting for a response
  3. Tap Approve to authenticate.
    If you get a request you were not expecting, tap Deny.

    Duo Mobile push notification
  4. A confirmation displays to let you know your authentication request has been approved.

    confirmation that your WebLogin request has been approved
Last modified September 27, 2016