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How Use Duo Mobile for Two-Step Authentication with Multiple Accounts


Duo Mobile, the app available to iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices, is now available for two-step authentication at Stanford University, Stanford Children's Health, and Stanford Health Care. If you have an affiliation with more than one of these organizations, you can add an account to your Duo Mobile app so you can use one device to obtain the second factor authentication for any of the organizations.

Screenshot of multiple accounts in Duo

Getting started

Install and activate Duo Mobile for two-step authentication for Stanford University on your smartphone or tablet. For instructions, go to Set Up a Smartphone for Two-Step Authentication or Set Up a Tablet for Two-Step Authentication.

Add an account to the Duo Mobile app

Now that your device is activated with Duo Mobile for two-step authentication for Stanford University, add and activate the account of the other organization(s) with which you are affiliated. Follow these steps:

  1. On your computer, log in to your other organization's two-step installation page and complete the steps to add and activate the account.
  2. When the registration of the new account is complete, the additional account appears in the Duo Mobile app on your device.

    Screenshot of multiple accounts in Duo

Use Duo Mobile with the other accounts

Authenticate with Duo Push

  1. If you set up your device for Duo Push, when two-step authentication is requested Duo will know which organization is requesting authorization and will send a push notification to your device.
    • If your Android device is locked, you must unlock it then tap Approve on the device in order to see your website. If your iOS device is locked, you can approve the push without unlocking the device.
    • If the Approve button is not visible on your device, you may have to tap the green bar at the top of the screen to take action on a pending authorization.

    Screenshot of request waiting in Duo

Authenticate with Duo Passcode

  1. When you set up Duo Mobile with multiple accounts, you see the other accounts on the main Duo screen on your device. To receive a two-step passcode for either account, tap the key icon next to the account name and a passcode appears.

    Screenshot of passcode

  2. Enter the passcode in the two-step authentication screen for the website you want to access and click Log in.

Get help

For assistance, please call the IT Service Desk at 5-HELP (650-725-4357) or submit a Help ticket.

Last modified May 6, 2018