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How to Set up a Tablet for Two-Step Authentication

You can use a tablet for your authentication device. However, you must install Duo Mobile in order to do so. Duo Mobile lets you authenticate with push notifications  by simply tapping a button on your tablet or with generated passcodes.

Set up your tablet

  1. Open a browser and go the Stanford Accounts page.
  2. Click Manage, authenticate if requested, and click the Two-Step tab. Authenticate to access the My Settings & Devices screen.

    Image of authentication request on Accounts screen

  3. If this is the first time you are setting up your two-step authentication, click Start Setup.
    If you already have a device set up,  a screen displays showing your two-step authentication devices.
  4. Click Add a device or Add another device.

    add tablet as a device

  5. The screen What type of device are you adding? appears. Click Tablet and then click Continue.

    select table as the type of device you are adding

  6. The screen What type of tablet are you adding? appears. Click either iOS or Android, depending on your tablet's operating system, and then click Continue.

    select either iOS or Android as the type of tablet you are adding

  7. Next, you need to install the Duo Mobile app on your tablet. Go to the app store for your device and search for Duo Mobile.
    Note for iOS tablet users: Search for Duo Mobile in the App Store under the iPhone apps (not iPad apps).
  8. After you have installed it, click I have Duo Mobile installed.

    when finished installing Duo, tap I have Duo installed

  9. Use one of these activation options to activate Duo Mobile on your tablet:
    • Open the Duo Mobile app on your tablet and tap the + in the upper-right corner. Then, point your camera at the barcode displayed in Accounts.
    • Click the link on the Activate Duo Mobile screen to have a Duo email activation link emailed to you.

    When Duo Mobile is activated, click Continue.

    tap Continue to activate Duo Mobile

  10. If you want to change your device name, click Device Options for the device you just added. Click Change Device Name, enter the name you want displayed, and then click Save.

    Image of how to change the tablet name

  11. If you want your tablet to be your default device, select it from the Default Device list and then click Save.

    Image of how to change the default device to tablet

Authenticate on your tablet

One method of authentication is available for tablets:

  • Duo app - push notification (recommended) — a push notification is sent to the device, and you can review the request and tap Approve to authenticate. Internet or cellular access is required to use this method.
Last modified March 9, 2023