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How to Log In Faster

Try these tips to save time during your daily login process.

Reduce your two-step authentication requests

On the two-step authentication screen, click the Remember me for 90 days checkbox, located near the bottom of the screen. This reduces the number of two-step authentication prompts that you receive in that web browser during the following 90 days.

If you clear cookies from your browser after clicking the checkbox, the browser no longer remembers two-step authentications for 90 days.

Note: After you click the Remember me for 90 days checkbox, the checkbox disappears from the two-step authentication screen on that web browser until the 90 days expire or you clear cookies on that browser.

Image of the 90 day checkbox screen on the Login page

Note: If your device automatically receives a Duo Mobile push notification at login, you must disable this function temporarily in order to view and click the checkbox. To temporarily disable an automatic push, when the two-step authentication screen appears click the blue Cancel button in the bottom right. Click the Remember me for 90 days checkbox, then click the Send Me a Push button to complete your login. 

Automate Duo Mobile push notifications

If you authenticate with Duo Mobile push notifications, you can set Duo to automatically send your device a push notification when you log in. This saves you a mouse click each time you authenticate. Follow these steps:

  1. Open a browser and go to the Stanford Accounts page.

  2. Click Manage and authenticate if needed.

  3. Click the Two-Step tab and authenticate to manage your devices and settings.

    Image of authentication request screen on the Accounts page

  4. When the My Settings & Devices screen appears, click the When I log in: drop-down menu to select Automatically send this device a Duo Push, then click the Save button. Mac or iOS device users may need to scroll down within the screen to see the drop-down menu and the Save button.

    Image of the auto push setting on the Accounts page

Respond to a Duo Mobile push from a locked device screen

If you have an iOS device, you can respond to a Duo Mobile push request without leaving the lock screen. When the Duo Mobile prompt appears on your device, tap the prompt to view it, then tap Approve and verify your identify using Touch ID, Face ID, or by entering your unlock PIN.

Last modified July 5, 2018