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Equidox PDF Remediation

Making PDFs Accessible for Everyone

Use Equidox, an online PDF remediation tool, to fix and deliver accessible PDF documents for all website visitors.


Equidox is a web-based PDF remediation tool that allows you to correct inaccessible PDF documents and export an accessible PDF or HTML version. Using the various zone recognition and tagging features, you can specify headings, image descriptions, columns, tables, lists, and a logical document reading order to produce an accessible document.

Upload your PDF document and use Equidox's manual and automated settings to remediate your PDF into an accessible version. For documents that have the same visual layout and design, you can save your remediation settings to apply to multiple PDFs documents.

Equidox is a web-based SaaS solution designed to fix PDF accessibility issues. It is not a PDF authoring tool.

Designed for

  • Electronic document and content authors
  • ​Marketing and communication teams
  • Online document publishers

Data security

This platform is intended for low-risk and moderate-risk data, as defined on the Stanford Risk Classifications page.  There is also a "permanent delete" function to permanently wipe your files off Equidox's servers.


  • Free of charge to those with a valid SUNet ID

Get started

Equidox is a web-based SaaS solution that will fix PDF accessibility issues. It is not a PDF authoring tool (such as Adobe Acrobat or Preview). You will need a PDF authoring tool if you wish to make content or structural changes to your document.

1. Go to the Equidox website and choose the Sign In with Google button.

Screenshot of equidox sign in box

2. Use your SUNet ID with You will be directed to Stanford’s Single Sign-On screen to enter your credentials.

Screenshot of equidox sign in with stanford email

3. If you have already signed in with other Google apps, you might not need to sign in again.

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Last modified March 4, 2024