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ITT Basic Wall Phone

ITT Basic Wall Phone


The ITT Basic Wall set is appropriate as a hallway/courtesy telephone, as a lab telephone, or for locations where the set must be secured to the wall. This set is best when the only requirements for the phone are the ability to place and receive calls with only limited access, via the hookswitch, to some system features (e.g., Call Transfer).


Adjustable Volume Control for the Ringer and Speaker - allows you to adjust the volume for the telephone ringer and one-way speaker (used with on-hook dialing) to any of four levels.

Note: The ITT Basic Wall set does not have a Link, TAP, or Flash button for accessing system features. You must use the hookswitch. The set does not have a Hold Button; you must place a call on hold by dialing a feature access code.

Model details

  • Single-Line — one telephone number only.
  • Base Style — traditional-style wall set.
  • Base Measurements — 4"W x 9"L x 2"H.
  • Handset Style — traditional-style handset.
  • Ringer — traditional bell sound.
  • Fully Modular — modular adapters for attaching line from jack outlet to telephone set and for attaching handset to telephone set.
  • Handset Cord — spiral cord from handset to telephone set extends 12 feet.
  • Colors — the ITT Basic Wall set is available in ash with a gloss finish, or in red with a gloss finish when used as a designated emergency telephone.

Power requirements

The ITT Basic Wall set has no additional power requirements.

Service class/levels

You can use the ITT Basic Wall set with Utility Telephone Service or the Bridged Extension Offering. (See University IT Rates for details on the features and monthly rates.)

Pricing and availability

The ITT Basic Wall set is available from University IT. For details on pricing, see the Rates page. (An additional charge, based on time and materials, is assessed when the set is to be secured to the wall. See Time and Materials Rates for details or call the University IT Help Line at 5-HELP.)

Ordering instructions

To order an ITT Basic Wall set, you should order online at the OrderIT Site. Specify the set as “ITT Basic Wall” under SET TYPE on that form. (If the set is to be secured to the wall to deter theft, note this under Explanation of Work Requested.) In addition, complete a Link Features worksheet. (The Link Features worksheet is used for all single-line sets. University IT will provide the set specified on the service order.) For more information about getting access to or using the OrderIT Site, see the help pages at Ordering Services for Faculty and Staff.

Last modified December 10, 2015