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Cisco VoIP Telephones


The Cisco VoIP phone transmits calls over the same data network that your computer uses. Combining voice and data over the same network means that you have more control over your phone and its features.

Cisco technology adds the ability to associate your primary telephone number with your login ID, password, and associated profile preferences. Because your profile is associated with your login, you can log in to any Cisco phone within your call group and place or receive calls on that phone as if it were your own.


  • Receive calls from any Extension Mobility (EM) phone with a simple login
  • Up to three calls per line, with a fourth reserved for conferencing and transferring
  • Set up six-way audio conferencing from your phone
  • Look up directory services from your phone
  • Look up, manage, and create directories via a web user portal
  • Remotely call-forward your phone number
  • Ring a primary phone number and up to two remote destinations
  • Place calls on hold - When you place someone on hold, they will hear music. If you are on a conference call and answer a second line, the conference call is placed on hold and the conference attendees hear the hold music.

Phone types and models

A number of phone types and models have been deployed throughout the University and hospitals; see the How to Use Your Phone web page for a list of current models with links to both online and printable user documentation.

Last modified November 13, 2018