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Jabber Softphone for Stanford Healthcare and Stanford Children's Health

Simplify your communications with the Jabber softphone by using your computer to do everything you do on your traditional desk phone — and more.

It’s time to ditch your traditional Stanford telephone set and start using your computer to place and receive your Stanford business calls. And because Stanford’s Jabber service is not just a softphone but “unified communications,” you’ll wonder how you ever communicated with your colleagues without it.


Here are just some of the features available to you when using Jabber softphone.

  • Telephone — use your computer as your Stanford telephone, including placing, receiving, and forwarding calls.

  • Stanford number — you can retain and use your Stanford telephone number from any location without having an associated desk phone.

  • Contact lists — create contact lists of those you collaborate with most often, including an easy-to-use contact search feature integrated with the Stanford directory.

  • Presence — set your availability so others see whether you are available for a chat or call; see the availability of others.

  • Jabber features — plus you have access to all the other features available with Stanford’s Jabber service.

  • Multiline - allows you to use up to eight different phone lines within the Jabber client.

Designed for

SHC and SCH faculty and staff

Data security

For Stanford University affiliates, Jabber is approved for Low, Moderate, and High Risk Data.


Jabber is provided at no charge as part of the telecommunications service.

Get started

Download and Install Jabber

If you’re already using Stanford’s Jabber service for chat, screen sharing, file sharing or any of its other features, you’re ready to go. Skip ahead to Use Jabber Softphone.

If you haven’t yet installed Jabber, you’ll need to download and install the application. Select your platform.

Use Jabber Softphone

To use the Jabber softphone, you must have University IT activate the service in association with your Stanford telephone number. If you do not have a Stanford telephone number, contact your department administrator and have them complete a request via OrderIT. If you already have a Stanford telephone number, simply submit a help request to activate the softphone feature.

The Jabber softphone feature looks and works a little differently depending on the platform you’re using. See our Quick Guides to get started.

Get help

Last modified April 14, 2023