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Telephone Services for Faculty and Staff

University IT (UIT) offers Cisco VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for faculty and staff requiring telephone service. VoIP technology offers a variety of advanced features and gives you the freedom to move your phone from one office to another within the same building without having to place a service call.

Important information about VoIP telephone service:

  • Before moving a phone to another office or building, please notify UIT via the Order IT website so we can update your emergency 911 location information.
  • In the event of a power outage, telephone and network service in most locations should be available for approximately 20 minutes via a UPS (uninterruptible power source). Depending upon the extent of the emergency, e.g., a major earthquake, cellular service may also be unavailable.


Cisco VoIP transmits calls over the same data network that your computer uses. Combining voice and data over the same network means that you have more control over your phone and its features.

Cisco technology adds the ability to associate your primary Stanford telephone number with your SUNet ID, password, and associated profile preferences. Because your profile is associated with your login, you can log in to any Cisco phone within your call group and place or receive calls on that phone as if it were your own.

  • Receive calls from any Extension Mobility (EM) phone with a simple login
  • Up to three calls per line, with a fourth reserved for conferencing and transferring
  • Set up six-way audio conferencing from your phone
  • Look up directory services from your phone
  • Look up, manage, and create directories via a web user portal
  • Remotely call-forward your phone number
  • Ring a primary phone number and up to two remote destinations

Note: VoIP phones plug into a network port instead of a phone port. There is a simple login procedure at initial setup for Extension Mobility (EM) phones. Most phones in common areas are static and do not require login. See How to Use Your Phone for instructions.

Designed for

Faculty and staff

Data security

Telephone traffic is not subject to the Risk Classifications as defined by the Information Security Office, however, clients with systems on the data network that contain High Risk Data should contact the Information Security Office for guidance in securing these university assets.


Converged Communication - A simplified billing model offering predictability in cost by providing a single bundled rate for service that is set annually for the entire school or administrative unit, based upon the amount of service used. Subscribers get all the essential features and functionality of the service, eliminating time-consuming and costly à la carte ordering and billing. Rates for the Converged Communication service model are based upon the amount of phone and network service used by the client. A service consultant will work with you to provide you with an estimated annual cost for the service.

Telephone Models

*Operating Budget Converged clients do not pay for this model when ordering a new desk phone.

For detailed information about phone equipment, visit How to Use Your Phone.

CISCO VoIP Telephone Sets One-Time Purchase Price
Cisco 7841*  $160
Cisco 8851 $234
Cisco 8865 (video desk phone) $351
Cisco 8821 (wireless) $454
Cisco 8831 (conference phone) $794
(does not include microphone)
Cisco 8831 (conference phone with microphone)


Equipment Repairs

Service One-time
Repair visit: technician determines problem is with service providers equipment no charge
Repair visit: technician determines problem as a result of facilities infrastructure time & materials rate
billed to responsible party

Get started

To request a UIT staff consultation to provide additional service details, discuss your needs, and help you implement the service, submit a Help request.

Please refer to your department contact for all changes to your current voice services.

Get help

  • Please submit a Help ticket.
  • For assistance Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., call 5-HELP (650-725-4357). After hours and holiday calls are answered around the clock by the IT Operations Center.

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Last modified May 17, 2024