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Cortelco Colleague Speakerphone

Cortelco Colleague Speakerphone


The Cortelco Colleague Speakerphone is appropriate for someone who requires only one telephone line, but prefers the one button feature access and speakerphone capability that are available on more sophisticated telephone sets. 


  • Hands-free Speakerphone with LED Indicator — lets you go off-hook without lifting the handset.
  • Last Number Redial — remembers the last number you dialed and lets you redial it by pressing the "redial" button.
  • 10 One-Touch Programming Memory — lets you activate features and/or dial frequently called telephone numbers by pressing a single key.
  • Data Jack — allows the connection of a device such as a modem, caller ID box, or an answering machine.
  • Flash Button — allows you to use telephone system features (like call waiting, three-way calling) without risk of accidental cutoff. (Identical to "Link" key on many sets.)
  • Handset Volume Control - ADA Compliant and Hearing Aid Compatible — lets you adjust the receive volume.
  • Hold with LED Indicator (Flip-Flop Type) — allows you to place a call on hold.
  • Mute with LED Indicator (Flip-Flop Type) — lets you speak without the person on the phone hearing your conversation.
  • Headset Control Switch — lets you turn on and off the headset by using the hands-free button.

Power requirements

The Cortelco Colleague Speakerphone requires two "button" type batteries (included) for feature button memory when line is disconnected.

Pricing and availability

The Cortelco Colleague Speakerphone is available from University IT. For details on pricing, see the Rates page.

Ordering instructions

To order a Cortelco Colleague Speakerphone, you should order online at the OrderIT Site. Specify the set as "Legacy" under SET TYPE on that form. For more information about getting access to or using the OrderIT Site, see the help pages at Ordering Services for Faculty and Staff.

Last modified April 11, 2023