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Telephone Equipment Pricing

Effective Nov. 1, 2021, all new phone handsets will be offered as a one-time purchase for Healthcare clients. UIT will continue to honor existing phone leases that are already in place. One-time purchasing currently only applies to Healthcare clients. Please see the Changes to Cisco Phone Lease Policy FAQ for additional information.

Telephone models available for lease or purchase

Due to current supply and demand challenges, prices are subject to change.

For detailed information about phone equipment, visit How to Use Your Phone

Non-VoIP (copper line) Telephone Sets Purchase Price
Aastra 9116 $56
Cortelco “Colleague” Speakerphone $47
ITT Basic Wall $34
CISCO VoIP Telephone Sets Monthly Lease
Cisco 8851 (desk phone) $6
  One-Time Purchase Price
Cisco 7841  $143
Cisco 8851 $216
Cisco 8865 (video desk phone) $325
Cisco 8821 (wireless) $420
Cisco 8831 (conference phone) $735
(does not include microphone)
Cisco 8831 (conference phone with microphone) $880
Note: After Cisco phone equipment is provisioned, the device cannot be returned or replaced unless it is broken. Your billing records will be updated if a broken device is swapped to a different phone model. Coordinate voluntary device upgrades through your budget unit.

Equipment Repairs

Service One-time
Repair visit: technician determines problem is with subscriber system/equipment no charge
Repair visit: technician determines problem is result of tampering with facilities time & materials rate
billed to responsible party
Last modified November 10, 2021