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Telephone Equipment Pricing

Telephone models available for lease or purchase

For detailed information about phone equipment, visit How to Use Your Phone

Non-VoIP (copper line) Telephone Sets Purchase Price
Aastra 9116 $56
Cortelco “Colleague” Speakerphone $47
ITT Basic Wall $34
CISCO VoIP Telephone Sets Monthly Lease
Cisco 8851 (desk phone) $6
  Purchase Price
Cisco 8865 (video desk phone) $325
Cisco 8821 (wireless) $590
Cisco 8831 (conference phone) $735
(does not include microphone)
Cisco 8831 (conference phone with microphone) $880
Note: After Cisco phone equipment is provisioned, the device cannot be returned or replaced unless it is broken. Your billing records will be updated if a broken device is swapped to a different phone model. Coordinate voluntary device upgrades through your budget unit.

Equipment Repairs

Service One-time
Repair visit: technician determines problem is with subscriber system/equipment no charge
Repair visit: technician determines problem is result of tampering with facilities time & materials rate
billed to responsible party
Last modified January 25, 2020