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Research Software Engineering Services


There are four options to engage in this consulting service. Use cases and rate models for each of these options follow.

Options Use Cases Rate Model
Quick Support
(Up to one hour)
Bug fixes, debugging, general questions, repository or continuous integration help No charge for Stanford faculty, staff, students. RSE staff will scope out work if it will take longer than one hour.
A La Carte This option is best for short-term projects (less than 10 hours) with a well-defined scope of work (e.g. building, testing and deployment containers, developing packages and documentation). Rate options include:
  • Hourly (for projects less than 10 hours)
  • Discounted rates based on project size
  • Small (5 hours): $830
  • Medium (7 hours): $1114
  • Large (10 hours): $1580
Subscription This option is best when ongoing support is required. It is typically two to three hours per month.

Use cases include:
  • Providing general support to graduate students and staff, such as answering questions and responding to issues
  • Code repository maintenance
  • Responding to feature requests in support of the software lifecycle
Client and RESE determine the number of hours per month for the engagement.

RSE staff tracks hours. If the number of hours exceeds what was agreed to, a new baseline will be established with the client.
Service Contract
(Project Based)
This option is best when one or more quarters of dedicated work (full or part-time) is required.

Frequently, this work is written into grant requests for funding.
The rate is determined by the type of work and the number of contracted hours. Maintenance and general support are considered basic compared to focused development.


For additional information, please visit the Research Software Engineering Services page.

Last modified January 31, 2020