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Campus Card Services Rates

Monthly charges include support and maintenance for the point-to-point circuit between your card reader and networked Campus Card System equipment; they do not include maintenance, repair, or replacement of card readers.

Data services

Access Control

Service Monthly
Electronic Access Control $32.90
Electronic Alarm Contact $10.15

Point-to-point circuits

Service Monthly
Privileges reader circuit $17
Point-of-sale reader circuit $17

Video Surveillance

Service Monthly
Video software per camera $37.60

Cloud Storage Rates

Retention Instant Cloud
2MP for 32 days $14
2MP for 45 days $19
2MP for 90 days $39
4MP for 32 days $14.70
4MP for 45 days $19.95
4MP for 90 days $40.95
8MP for 32 days $17.64
8MP for 45 days $23.94
8MP for 90 days $49.14

Traka Key Management

Service Monthly
Card Traka Base System $455.5
Card Traka Unit $147.6

Additional services

Service Monthly
Workstation interface $23.80
Privilege, access control, access schedule changes, or standard reports (per occurrence) $84.70
Workstation training (provided by University IT Technology Training)  
Application support Time & Materials [3]
  1. Changes to door reader access control patron lists are made by Stanford Card Office personnel.
  2. Personnel in subscribing departments make changes via department-owned access workstations.
  3. Assessed for sites that use non-University IT-provided payment or credit card servers/software that interface with the Campus Card System.


Service Activations
Installation of new door access readers or new circuits, or moves of existing readers or circuits  [1] Time & Materials [3]
Other Card Reader Installations [2] Time & Materials [3]
  1. Installation of a door access reader may require a carpenter, locksmith, electrician, and network technician. In addition to standard Time & Materials rates, University IT assesses a project management charge for door reader installations. This fee covers all aspects of a door reader project including specification, procurement of equipment, installation, coordination of outside vendors, and training.
  2. Installation of other types of readers (i.e., other than door access readers) incur standard Time & Materials charges.
  3. Includes labor and materials not covered by a monthly service rate.
Service Terminations
Discontinuing any data service for any card reader NO CHARGE
Last modified August 31, 2023