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Server Hosting Rates

Please note: In September 2019, rates will change for some of the technology services provided by University IT.  To view the majority of our planned rate changes for services that are broadly available to our community, please visit this pageFor more information, please visit the rates section of our website.

Server Hosting

Service Monthly One-time Charges
rate definitions
By Rack Unit (shared rack space): $21

By Full Rack (dedicated rack space):
  • Medium Rack (up to 4 kW): $420
  • Large Rack (up to 8 kW): $651
By Square Foot: $22.50
  • Per server: $538
Hourly Rate For Work Not Covered Above   Hourly Rate (Networking and Facilities):
  • $138/hour
10G Connectivity:
  • Per connection: $359

Rate definitions


  • By Rack Unit: This monthly charge is for servers using shared rack space. Cost is based on the actual number of rack units used by the server or device and any peripherals needed, such as shelves, wire managers, etc. Rate includes monthly cost for standard space, network connectivity (1G), and remote hands support.
  • By Full Rack: This is the monthly charge for clients who wish to have dedicated rack space. There are two sizes of racks: Medium Racks capable of supporting up to 4 kW of equipment and Large Racks, capable of supporting up to 8 kW of equipment. Rack height varies by building. Rate includes monthly cost for standard space, network (1G), and remote hands support.
Last modified October 12, 2017