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Oak Storage Rates

Service Monthly
Access to and management of 10TB Research Storage Space (FILESPACE) $45 per 10TB
Access to and management of 250TB Research Storage Space (FILESPACE) $600 per 250TB
Access to and management of gateway to Oak Storage $79
Management of backup for Oak storage $7.17
  • Annual rate increases are typically 3 to 3.5%; please budget accordingly.
  • Oak is a fully cost-recovered service. 
  • Rates for all services offered through University IT (UIT) are determined annually in accordance with Stanford’s Research Administration and Policy Compliance (RAPC) requirements to ensure compliance with Federal cost principles for educational institutions
  • All costs reflect a per month rate.
  • The individual item codes will appear on the monthly billing statements.
  • We allow changes and cancellation of service with a 30 days’ advance notice.
  • Removal of all data from Oak and notification to research team members of the cancellation is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator.

Learn More

See Oak Storage for more details on these services.

Last modified November 20, 2023