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Oak Storage Service

Oak is a High-Performance Computing (HPC) storage system available to research groups and projects at Stanford for research data. Hosted by the Stanford Research Computing Center (SRCC), Oak provides affordable and scalable storage with a diversity of access methods.


  • Filespace - PIs/faculty rent disk space in either 10 or 250 TB increments, on a month-to-month basis, which includes access to:
    → Oak’s shared SSH-based Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs), which accept scp, sftp, rsync or bbcp connections. 
    → Oak’s Globus endpoint with Data Sharing.
  • Gateway - Optional dedicated gateway to Oak storage, as a separate monthly rental. Each gateway serves a single group and a single protocol. Supported protocols are NFSv4, SMB/CIFS, SFTP and Globus.

Designed for

All Stanford University research projects and groups, but NOT for individual staff members or students.

This includes:

  • Principal investigators (PIs) with Stanford PTAs
  • Healthcare researchers, as well as researchers from the Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC)

Oak is not suitable for data classified as High Risk based on the Stanford Data Risk Classifications and therefore is not a storage choice for any data that include PHI or PII.


One must be a Stanford Principal Investigator (PI) or faculty member in order to purchase the service.

The service is paid for with a Stanford PTA associated with a department, or a PI/Faculty budget or grant, and is billed monthly.

Data security

Oak is NOT HIPAA compliant and is not a storage choice for any data that includes PHI or PII.

The system is approved for storing Low and Moderate Risk data only and is not suitable for data classified as High-Risk.

For more information about data risk classifications, see the Information Security Risk Classification page.


Below are the FY21 rates for the Oak service offerings, along with the official billing system item codes and descriptions.

Item code item code description bill occurRence  price fy
OAK 10 TB FILESPACE Access to & Mgmt of 10 TB Research Storage Space (Filespace) Monthly $42.95 2020-2021
OAK 250 TB FILESPACE Access to & Mgmt of 250 TB Research Storage Space (Filespace) Monthly $550 2020-2021
OAK GATEWAY Access to & Mgmt of gateway to Oak storage Monthly $71 2020-2021

Keep in mind:

  • You should expect an annual rate increase of 3-3.5%; please budget accordingly.
  • Oak is a fully cost-recovered service. 
  • Rates for all services offered through University IT (UIT) are determined annually in accordance with Stanford’s Research Administration and Policy Compliance (RAPC) requirements to ensure compliance with Federal cost principles for educational institutions
  • All costs reflect a per month rate.
  • The individual item codes will appear on the monthly billing statements.
  • We allow changes and cancellation of service with a 30 days’ advance notice.
  • Removal of all data from Oak and notification to research team members of the cancellation is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator.

Get started

To order Oak storage, please Request Access to Oak Storage Service (log in with SUNet ID required).

To purchase dedicated Oak gateways (eg. SMB or NFS), or if you have any question regarding Oak, please contact us by email at​.

You will be notified via email when your directory has been created. You will also be provided with a workgroup that will allow you to add/remove user access to the directory.

Get help

Please contact SRCC at to get help with Oak storage.

See also

Oak storage is mounted on Sherlock and SCG clusters, which are also managed by the Stanford Research Computing Center.

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Last modified February 26, 2021