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VLRE for Mac Troubleshooting

If you suspect the Mac version of VLRE is not working properly, try the following steps in the order listed to identify and fix the problem.

Check the VLRE Log file in

If VLRE is at version 1.1 or later and you have selected to enable logging during the installation you can view the results of the hourly VLRE check-ins.

To inspect the VLRE log file:

  1. Launch Applications > Utilities >
  2. Navigate to /Library/Logs/Stanford/vlre.log.
    Each entry is separated by "================================" (a series of equal signs).
  3. Note the date and time of the last entry. It should be within the past 2 hours unless the Mac has been powered off or in “sleep” mode.
  4. The last line of each check-in entry includes the text “Updated database record for VLRE ID xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx“.

    VLRE log file displayed in
  5. If that text is not present or the last run time is more than 2 hours in the past while the Mac has been powered on and not in “sleep” mode, manually run VLRE in

Manually run VLRE in

  1. Launch Applications > Utilities >
  2. Enter the following command into the terminal:
    sudo /Library/Application\ Support/Stanford/VLRE/VLRE
  3. Press RETURN.
  4. If the check-in was successful you will see the following text:

    successful check-in when running VLRE in
  5. If you do not see the text in the step above, run the command in again and add “-debug” to the end of the command.
    sudo /Library/Application\ Support/Stanford/VLRE/VLRE -debug
  6. Copy all the resulting text and paste it into a text file. Save the file in case you need to submit a Help ticket.

Download and run

  1. Download ComplianceChecker for Mac.
  2. Mount the disk image.
  3. Run Compliance Checker.pkg This installs the into “tmp” space and launches it. (At the next logout or reboot the will be deleted automatically.)
  4. Examine the information in the item labeled Monitoring System. This will tell you if VLRE is working correctly.

    Compliance Checker report showing status of VLRE

Remove and reinstall VLRE

  1. Download and run VLRE Cleaner.pkg.
  2. VLRE Cleaner.pkg is downloaded to the default downloads location with
  3. Launch VLRE Cleaner.pkg.
  4. After running VLRE Cleaner.pkg confirm that /Library/Application Support/Stanford/VLRE/ contains only files called vlre_config.plist and VLRE_ID.txt.
    • If the VLRE client might have been copied from another computer (for example, by way of a Time Machine back-up), and if that previous computer will remain in use, be sure to delete VLRE_ID.txt manually, or else the old and the new systems will have the same VLRE client ID.
  5. Launch a browser and get the latest version of VLRE for Mac from the VLRE service site.
  6. Mount the InstallVLREencrypt.dmg file.
  7. Run VLREInstaller.pkg.

Submit a Help ticket

If you still need assistance, please submit a Help ticket.

Last modified August 10, 2021