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International Travel Mobile Device Tips

What to do when you are going to travel internationally

  1. Be aware that international service plans must be added prior to leaving the United States. We advise adding international service plans at least one week prior to departure.
  2. Know what countries you are traveling to and the dates you will be in each country. 
    Note: International service is not available in all countries.
  3. Know what devices you plan to take on your international travel (i.e., cellphone, tablet, data card) and the phone number associated with each.  
  4. Determine what service plans you want to add for each device.
  5. Submit a Help ticket with all of the information from above or call the Mobile Device Service Desk. At this time, you may also want to set your voicemail passcode so that you can listen to voicemails while abroad. If you need help, please contact one of the numbers below. ​
    • Stanford University:  5-Help (650-725-4357), option 3
    • Stanford Healthcare:  4-Help (650-724-4357), option 4
    • Stanford Children's Health:  5-Help (650-725-4357), option 3
  6. Most international plans are automatically removed within 30 days.  Please refer to your email confirmation to see if you need to call in and remove plans.  Mobile Device Services is not responsible for any monthly charges incurred if plan has not been removed.  Please submit a Help ticket or call the Mobile Device Service Desk to remove the international service plans if needed.

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Last modified July 6, 2018