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Recommendations for Travelers to Lower Risk Countries

When one travels to lower risk countries, special consideration and preparation is still required, although not necessarily to the same extent as to high risk countries. Let’s start with what you’re taking with you. It’s still important to take the minimum you need in order to get your work done while you’re gone. Do consider following the Recommendations for Travelers to High Risk Countries regardless of the risk level of your destination.


If you are taking your laptop computer, before you go you should:

Mobile phones

Consider a loaner phone borrowed in the country, an unlocked phone with a local SIM card, or a phone you buy or rent at the airport or hotel when you arrive. If you must use your own phone:

  • Back it up before you leave,
  • Secure it by enrolling in Stanford's Mobile Device Management (MDM) program,
  • Enroll it in an international rate plan to avoid incurring exorbitant roaming charges, and
  • Save your data, reset to factory defaults, and restore your backup when you return.

Planning ahead will protect your privacy and the University's data, and save a lot of money and frustration later.

Additional information

Before you go

While you’re traveling

  • Do not plug your phone into charger kiosks. There may be a hostile computer on the other end of that innocent-looking wire.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Watch for those looking over your shoulder or potential thieves.
  • Do not leave your devices unattended. Even hotel safes are not secure.

When you return

Last modified November 14, 2018