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How to Chat and Add Contacts with Jabber for Windows

Add contacts

Existing contact lists are not automatically imported into Jabber on your desktop or laptop.

  1. Click into the Search or call box.

    The search or call box
  2. Type a name or IM address in the search box, and Jabber will search for potential matches. Hover your cursor over the desired contact name, then click + to add the contact.

    Enter name to search for
  3. A pop-up box appears. Click the Add to arrow to put the new contact into an existing group and then click Add. You can also create a new group to put the new contact into.

    Add Contacts pop-up box

The name displays in your Contacts list.

Start a chat

  • To start a chat, double-click a contact name or search by name and then double-click the desired search result.

Start a group chat

  • To invite everyone in a Contacts list group to a chat, right-click the group name in your Contacts list and choose Start a group chat.
  • To invite participants individually, begin your chat with the first participant, then click add participantsAdd participants icon. In the Add Participants window, search for the next participant by name, then click Add. Add the remaining participants in the same way.

The group chat ends when all participants leave.

Chat with people outside of your Stanford affiliation or outside of Stanford

Did you know that you can use Jabber to talk to people outside of your organization? This means that Stanford University employees can communicate with employees from Stanford Health Care and vice versa, and that anyone at Stanford can also communicate with people who chat with an XMPP service. 


  • You cannot use Jabber to chat with people who use Google, Yahoo, or AIM chat services. These services are not XMPP.
  • Do not attempt to search for someone from another affiliation by using the Search feature within Jabber. The Search feature only works for searches within an affiliation at Stanford, i.e., Stanford University employees searching for other Stanford University employees, or Stanford Health Care employees searching for other SHC employees.
  • If you are chatting with someone who has a different affiliation at Stanford or who is outside of Stanford, you are not able to see that person's availability status until you add them as a contact and they accept your authorization request.
  • If you are an employee from Stanford University and you receive a contact request from someone at SHC, you will only see their SID number instead of their full name. To see their name in future chats, you must add them as a contact and change their display name. 

Begin the chat

  1. Open Jabber, then click the Settings icon > File > New Contact

    Screen to create new contact

  2. Enter the following in the Add Contacts box:
    • If you are a University employee adding a contact from Stanford Health Care, enter their
    • If you are an SHC employee adding a contact from the University, enter their SUNet
    • If you are adding a contact outside of Stanford and you are sure they use an XMPP service, enter their email address, e.g.,
  3. Add the person to a group, and then click Add

    Screen to add new contact information
Last modified June 15, 2017