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Install Jabber on a Mac

Additional instructions for downloading the latest version of Jabber: Close out the Jabber application to complete the installation. Jabber cannot be upgraded while the app is open and running. By default, if Jabber is running the upgrade will retry after the next time the computer reboots. After rebooting the application, Jabber will be updated. You can confirm which version of Jabber you are using while the app is open by selecting the drop-down menu titled “Jabber” and clicking on “About Jabber.”

Jabber lets you connect and collaborate with your Stanford colleagues through a variety of communication channels using your computer.

System requirements

  • Apple OS Sierra 10.12 (or later)


  1. Download Cisco Jabber for Mac.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file from your browser and then double-click the Install_Cisco-Jabber-Mac.sparkle_guided.pkg file to start the Cisco Jabber installer wizard.
    double-click the file to start the installer wizard
  3. When the Welcome screen displays, click Continue.
    start Cisco Jabber installer wizard
  4. Read the license agreement if you wish and then click Continue. Click Agree to accept the terms of the license agreement and continue with the installation.
    license agreement
  5. You may be prompted to select the disk where you want to install Jabber. Select your hard drive and then click Continue
    choose to install the software on your hard drive
  6. Click Install to perform the standard installation.
    select the standard installation type
  7. At the prompt, enter your administrator account password for the Mac and click Install Software.
    enter your computer administrator user name and password
  8. When the software has finished installing, click Close.
    click Close to exit installer wizard

Sign in

  1. To launch Jabber, open your Applications folder and double-click the Cisco icon.
    launch Jabber from your Applications folder
  2. Enter your sunetid@stanford (for University affiliates), (for SHC affiliates), or your login (SCH affiliates) and click Continue.
    log in to Jabber with your username
  3. For Stanford University affiliates, the WebLogin screen appears. Enter your SUNet ID and your SUNet ID password and click Login. Two-step authentication may also be required. Stanford Children's Health and Stanford Health Care affiliates will be prompted to enter their password.
    WebLogin screen

Sign out

  1. Click Jabber in the Apple menu bar and then click Sign Out.
    use the Jabber menu to sign out
Last modified April 13, 2022