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How to Request a Persistent Group Chat Room in Jabber

Persistent group chats are different from ad hoc group chats in that they are logged onto the server — meaning these types of chats are saved and you can log in to the chat room at any time and see past conversations. To request a persistent group chat room, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open a Help ticket
  2. Within the Help form, you must:
    • state what department you are in and the name of your team. An abbreviated form of these names will be used as the name of your chat room.
    • state whether you want this chat room to be open to all Jabber users or have restricted membership. If the room should be private, please give us the name and SUNet ID of whoever should be the moderator of the chat room. Moderators are responsible for maintaining group membership and adding other moderators. 
  3. Your new persistent chat room will be available in one to two business days. 
Last modified January 30, 2017