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Before Your Workgroup Folder Migrates

A pre-migration guide for moving workgroup content out of Stanford University Box

How to prepare for the change

While there's nothing for you to do during the actual migration process, we strongly encourage you to take the following steps before your scheduled migration to ensure a smooth transition.

Clean up your workgroup content

  • Locate the Box workgroup folder associated with the workgroup you administer in Stanford Workgroup Manager. (UIT provides a list of those that are migrating in notification emails we send before the date your workgroup content will migrate.)
  • Notify all members of your workgroup that the content will be migrating and the date it is migrating.
  • Work with your team to delete files that your workgroup no longer needs. For instructions, refer to Box Support‘s Delete Files or Folders web page.
  • Files that are no longer useful to you may be appropriate for the archives. The Stanford Archives collects materials of enduring historical value, including digital files, which are deposited into the Stanford Digital Repository. Learn more about materials of particular interest to the archives.

Update Box links

  • Locate and update Box file links or embeds that you have shared publicly on a website or other content-sharing platforms. These links will no longer work once your Stanford University Box account is disabled. Remember, members of your workgroup may also have content in your workgroup folder and should participate in any link cleanup activity.
  • For more detailed instructions, refer to the UIT news article: Update External Sharing Links Before Your Box Migration.



Review sharing permissions

  • Remove collaborators who no longer need access to files and folders shared by you.
  • Accept any pending collaboration requests, as these will not transfer.

Communicate with collaborators

  • Permissions for files and folders shared with Stanford collaborators will be copied over, but you should let your collaborators know they will need to access the files in a new location.
  • Permissions for files and folders shared with people outside of Stanford will not be copied over. You will need to re-share your files and folders with external collaborators after your migration is complete.

Capture Box comments

  • Comments made through the Box user interface will not be preserved.
  • If you need to retain any of the comments, cut and paste them into a Google or Word doc.

Check for large folders

  • Folders with more than 10,000 items can not be migrated.
  • If you have a folder with more than 10,000 items, you must split the content between multiple folders in advance of the migration.


Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about why we're transitioning away from Stanford University Box, and what you can expect before, during, and after the process, review our FAQs. Check back often as we'll continue to add information. 

Additional information can be found on the During and After a Workgroup Folder Migration webpage

Get help

If you have questions, please submit a Help request. If you have questions about your migration schedule or should you not be able to access your content as expected, please contact your local IT support team.