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Stanford University Box Migration Project

Retiring Stanford University Box

Note: This project does not currently include Medicine Box content. It pertains to Stanford University Box only.

Driven by greatly increased costs for the Box service, Stanford is taking steps to transition away from the use of Stanford University Box. University IT (UIT) offers other file-sharing solutions that provide similar capabilities as Box, with the added benefit of fully integrating with productivity tools already used by the university. Streamlining our file-sharing options will help the university reduce expenses while also simplifying collaboration.

Plan for a smooth migration

 UIT will centrally manage the migrations and move Box content to a new folder on Google My Drive, Google Shared drives, or Microsoft OneDrive. The migrations use a third-party tool with experience helping higher ed institutions migrate storage solutions. 

Before you migrate

When it's your turn to move, you'll receive an email notification plus several reminders. Review the "Before You Migrate" guide to learn how to prepare.

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During and after your migration

Migrations are scheduled in waves and typically take about two weeks to complete. To understand what to expect, review the "During and After Your Migration" guide.

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Workgroup folder migrations

If Stanford Workgroup Manager lists you as an administrator for a workgroup linked to a shared Stanford University Box account, you'll be notified before the content migrates. 

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What to expect

Training and resources

Migrating to Google Drive

View a recording a 1.5-hour training session taught by the University IT Tech Training team. Access class training materials and other resources.

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Migrating to Microsoft OneDrive

UIT's OneDrive service page

All files and folders must be moved out of Stanford University Box by Dec. 1, 2022. Migrations are underway and being scheduled in waves.

  • February 2023
    Project completes and Stanford University Box is officially retired on Feb. 28, 2023
  • December 2022
    All data is moved from Box to alternative solutions by Dec. 1, 2022
  • February 2022
    Phased migrations to Stanford-supported alternative solutions begin
  • SUMMER 2021
    Period to complete data cleanup and premigration activities
  • Spring 2020

    Three-year plan to reduce Stanford University Box is announced

File sharing and storage options

Google Drive and Shared drives are Stanford’s preferred solutions. University IT also supports Microsoft OneDrive. Please check with your local IT professional to see whether your school/department/unit already has a preferred storage solution. For Principal Investigators (PIs) and research groups, the SRCC Oak storage environment is available to hold research data or backups of datasets.

Google My Drive and Shared drives

Google Shared drives are shared spaces where teams can store, search, and collaborate on a library of team-owned files. Google Drive can be used as your personal storage in the cloud.

Learn about Google My DriveLearn about Google Shared drives

Microsoft OneDrive

Collaborate in real-time using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint across web, mobile, and desktop. Store, access, and search your individual and shared work files from all your devices. 

Learn about Microsoft OneDrive

Get help

Visit our Box Migration Project: Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions. If you have additional general migration questions, please submit a Help request. If you have questions about your migration schedule or should you not be able to access your content as expected, please contact your local IT support team.