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Box Migration Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Stanford's Migration Project.

Q. Why is Stanford University Box going away?
A. Box has changed its contractual offering and dramatically raised prices. Stanford offers other file-sharing solutions that provide similar capabilities as Box as well as the benefit of integrating with productivity tools already used by the university.
Q. Who is affected by the transition away from Stanford Box?
A. The transition affects everyone in the Stanford community who uses Stanford University Box, including students, faculty, and staff. This project does not currently impact Stanford Medicine Box content. Stanford Medicine has a parallel project underway, and UIT is working with their project team to align efforts.
Q. When is Stanford University Box going away?
A. All files should be transitioned out of Stanford University Box by December 31, 2022. The project will complete in February 2023.
Q. Where does University IT recommend that I move my files?
A. Google Drive and Shared drives are the preferred solutions but the university also offers Microsoft OneDrive. To help you decide the solution that best meets your needs, compare the features of Shared drives and OneDrive to Box.
Q. When and how does University IT recommend that I move my files?
A. UIT is working to provide a centrally managed, automated solution that will move files from Stanford University Box to Google Shared drive or OneDrive on behalf of end-users. For moves to these environments, we plan to schedule centralized data migrations on a rolling basis, in collaboration with IT partners in schools and departments, starting fall 2021. When it’s time for your account to be moved, you’ll be notified.  

Additional details will be announced soon.
Q. Does this change affect my current Box workgroup folders?
A. For now, current Box workgroup folders will not be affected — you and other workgroup members will still be able to share and access files stored in those folders, and you will continue to manage access from within Workgroup Manager. However, you will no longer be able to link any of your workgroups with a new Box account.
Q. What alternatives to Stanford Box for workgroups exist?
A. As of May 2020, Stanford University Box users can no longer create new Stanford University Box accounts for workgroups. You can use Google Groups for workgroups, which allows you to manage access to a Google Shared drive using Workgroup Manager. Learn how to use workgroup integration to create a Google Shared drive.
Q. Can I move files manually?
A. Yes, you may manually move unshared files yourself at any time. 
Last modified September 23, 2021