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Google Drive

Store and share files in the cloud

On February 18, Google announced Google Workspace for Education, which replaces G Suite for Education. This change includes a new storage policy, which is scheduled to go into effect in July, 2022.  Stanford is actively working with Google to determine the impact (if any) that this will have on our Google environments, primarily Google Drive.  We do not currently anticipate significant changes to our service profile over the next three to four years.  As we know more concrete information we will communicate it to the campus community.

Don’t Put Stanford in a Box

February 16, 2021

You can store your files in the cloud with Google Drive. You can also install the desktop and mobile application to access your files from your computer or Android or iOS mobile device. Google Drive's built-in sync capability ensures that your files, folders, and Google Docs are the same on all your devices.

You can use Google Drive File Stream to stream My Drive and Shared drives files directly from the cloud. This desktop application allows you to open and edit most document types directly out of Drive File Stream without having to download the file onto your computer. When you make edits to the file, the changes are automatically saved in My Drive.

Please note that if you are working with a group of colleagues, Google Shared drives is designed for collaborative efforts and may fit your needs better.

Note: With the launch of Drive File Stream in September 2017, Google will begin the process of deprecating the Google Drive for Mac/PC sync tool. Support for the tool ends on December 11, 2017 and the application will no longer be available starting March 12, 2018. As an alternative to Google Drive for Mac/PC, you can use the Backup and Sync tool from Google.

Google Docs editors are built in to Google Drive. The Google Docs collaboration suite includes Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Drawings.


  • Unlimited free storage space
    • You can upload 750 GB of data per day.
    • You can upload files up to 5 TB in size.
    • If a single file exceeds the 750 GB daily limit, that file will upload. Subsequent files will not upload until the daily upload limit resets the next day.
  • Works on PC and Mac computers and iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Built-in sync capability ensures that your files, folders, and Google Docs are the same on all your devices.
  • Powerful search capability.
  • Google Drive links can replace email attachments, providing access to the same file.

Designed for

Current faculty, staff, and students.


  • A full-service SUNet ID.
  • See the system requirements page if you want to install Google Drive on your computer or mobile device.

Data security

Google Drive can be used to store Low, Moderate, and High Risk Data, as defined by the Information Security Office, with the exception of Protected Health Information (PHI).


Free of charge.

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Last modified February 24, 2021