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Box for Workgroups

Effective May 21, 2020, Stanford Box users will no longer be able to create new Stanford Box accounts for workgroups. Learn more about the changes.


See Common Issues for Workgroups for information about your workgroup folder.

Owners of Stanford workgroups can create a link to Stanford University's Box for shared documents using any workgroup that does not have a personal stem. Anything in the workgroup folder will be accessible to all members of the workgroup who have Box accounts. Unlike individual Box accounts, which are closed when the owner leaves Stanford, documents stored within Box workgroup folders remain available until the workgroup has no members.

The name of the Box account will be the same as that of the Stanford workgroup and cannot be changed. The name of the folder will be the same as the workgroup name and can be edited, but this is not recommended.

A Box account for workgroups is allotted unlimited storage at no charge.

Provisioning a Box account for your workgroup

To provision a Box account for a workgroup, you must be an administrator for the workgroup  and the workgroup must be owned by a department, division, or project. To see the workgroup folder in Box, you must be a member of the workgroup in addition to being an administrator. See Workgroups for more information.

  1. Log in to Workgroup Manager.
  2. You'll see a list of all the workgroups for which you are the administrator. Click the name of the workgroup that you want to create a folder for  in Box. 
  3. When the members of the workgroup display, click the Workgroup Integration tab.
    Choose to link Box to a workgroup
  4. Click the Link associated with  Box Group.
    Choose to link Box to a workgroup
  5. In the next window, click Link Workgroup.
    Note: The workgroup linkage process can take a few minutes. Please do not reload the page. 
    Link workgroup to Box folder
  6. When the linkage process has completed, click close. The Workgroup Integration window now shows the workgroup linked to Box.
    Window showing workgroup linked to Box
  7. Log in to Box. Box creates a folder for that workgroup and all people in the workgroup are Editors.
    Note: If a member of the workgroup has never logged in to Box,  that person will be added as an Editor within one hour after initially logging in.
Last modified February 2, 2022