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Web Content Management

Solution Summary

Due to security, privacy, and stability concerns, it has become urgent to provide modern, secure alternatives for AFS-based web content management and related services. This project will replace the locally-hosted Drupal Web Content Management System (CMS) and other web-related AFS services with cloud-based Drupal 8 and WordPress services. Additionally, it will move form and proxy services to cloud-based alternatives.

Specific Goals/Objectives

  1. Build preferred Drupal 8 installation profile and Stanford-specific custom modules and theme. Develop end user documentation and implement communication strategy
  2. Select WordPress PaaS provider as alternative CMS and negotiate contract
  3. Identify AFS-based Drupal 7/8 websites, Form Builder Forms and Static HTML websites. Mark inactive websites as candidates for archiving/deletion
  4. Develop Form Builder replacement service
  5. Develop roadmaps for additional solutions and communication strategy to support adoption of new services (multi-year)

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Last modified July 9, 2019